Our Mission

To provide superior IT services to businesses around the world by utilizing our extensive knowledge, while keeping a focus on customer service.

Tecflow Technology (Tecflow) is a Minority, Women Owned, Information Technology company located in Melbourne, FL. Tecflow has 22 years of technology experience, with 18 years working with Aviation and 9 years working with DOD contractors. Tecflow has globally supported its clients even in less desirable environments.

At Tecflow we realize you have a choice of IT support and service providers to work with, but we firmly believe that we are setting a new standard in technology support. We understand what small and medium-sized businesses need to grow which is why we place paramount importance on not only proactively supporting your IT environment but ensuring that you are offered the services you genuinely need.

Tecflow’ s mission is to help your business achieve sustainable growth and a better bottom line through the more efficient use of technology.

Whether you’re fed up with a lack of productivity due to downtime or you want to know which IT solutions to implement to take your business forward, we’re the people to talk to.

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