Better focus, fewer distractions
with IT that works

The Brevard County IT Support company trusted by over a dozen businesses and 350+ people who value their time.

You know you have a great IT team when you forget you have one.

That’s what happens when your computer systems work. You’ll sleep better too.


A trusted pro & consultant to create the right IT plan & strategy for your business infrastructure.


Pick up the phone to talk to a human.


And your systems too. Whether from natural disasters or malicious cyber attacks.


Confidently know whomever you talk with will help you fix whatever ails you or your business.


Your business runs 24×7, right? We’ll make sure the same goes for your technology & systems.


Get a solution that works now – and in the future. Just because business grows doesn’t mean your IT costs should.

We help you build and scale

We focus on business process design and strategize and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation. Partnering with Tecflow will provide:
  • Access to an external wealth of IT resources

  • Flexible consumption-based pricing models
  • Online strategy and consulting services
  • Unlimited Remote Support

It's as simple as this

We take every business through our four step process.

  • 1

    We get to know you, your team, your business and how you currently operate.

  • 2

    We plan and design a customized solution for you.

  • 3

    We present our custimized solution to you and your team.

  • 4

    We implement your customized solution.

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Why business owners and managers like you switch IT support providers

How to protect the most important asset your business owns

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Tecflow is a global technology consulting and services company, helping businesses scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage.

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