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Bot malware is a growing security threat

Bot malware is a worrying new security risk. Malware bots steal whole user profiles – that’s a complete snapshot of your ID and settings.

Don’t forget your phone when you think about cyber security

Our phones are a goldmine of private information. If they’re not as secure your other devices, they can become a gaping hole in your cyber security

Let’s start talking about AI

From Alexa to Siri, AI is already all around us, but names like ChatGPT, Dall-E and Jasper have blown up the internet. Let’s decode some of the language

Cyber attacks are getting bigger and smarter. Are you vulnerable?

Recently, the biggest ever DDoS attack was reportedly blocked. Worse still, more businesses are being targeted with criminals demanding huge ransoms

AI is making phishing scams more dangerous

AI chatbots have taken the world by storm lately. But for all the fun they offer, criminals have been finding ways to use AI for more sinister purposes.

Is your security focusing on the right things?

A new study shows that only a third of businesses place detection as their main priority, while two thirds say prevention is their primary focus.

Young employees have different attitudes to cyber crime

If you employ anyone aged between 16 and 19, you need to pay special attention to the cyber security training you’re giving your team.

Take action to avoid a devious new phishing scam

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. This recent malware threat is unusually smart. It impersonates a highly trusted brand name to get a foot in the door.

When did you last have a health check?

Book now for an IT check-up, to get in great shape for the journey ahead? You do it for yourself and your car – now do the same for your workplace tech

Are your younger employees experiencing ‘tech shame’?

Gen Z and even some Millennial employees are less tech savvy than many employers might expect. It’s an assumption that’s leading to a sense of ‘tech shame’.

A little trust can go a long way

Countless employers still don’t trust their people to do their best work unless they’re physically in the office.

Windows is the prime target for cyber criminals

With its huge dominance in the workplace, Microsoft’s Windows has become the prime target for cyber criminals.

When can you finally forget your password?

Passkeys are set to take over from traditional passwords to give us a safer, more secure way of logging into our online accounts.

Are your people Christmas shopping from work?

Almost half of people with social media accounts admit to falling for shopping scams. If your team are shopping at work, is your business protected?

Zoom wants to be the new Teams

Zoom is looking for a piece of the MS Teams action with the launch of a whole suite of features and services

Windows 12 is coming… here’s what we know so far

While Windows 11 is only just celebrating its first birthday, we’re already hearing our first rumors about what Windows 12 […]

3 things your business must look for in a password manager

Password managers are amazing pieces of software. They make it easy for you and your staff to stick to password […]

Your USB cable is about to get a speed boost

We’re all familiar with USB. After all, we’ve been using it with our computers since 1996, and now with mobile […]

None of your team would fall for this trick… would they?

Cybercriminals have a reputation for constantly coming up with new ways to scam us into handing over login details or […]

How much do you really know about phishing scams?

Phishing is where someone sends you a fake email pretending to be someone else. They’re hoping you’ll click a bad […]

Are you using a malicious browser extension without realizing it?

There are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions designed to help us to save time, be more productive, and personalize […]

Passkeys could improve the way you work, forever

Back in May, we heard there would soon be a successor to the password – the Passkey. Now, we’re hearing […]

Windows 10 is getting a very useful Windows 11 feature

Remote There’s no denying that Windows 11 has a lot of really cool new features. If you haven’t made the […]

If you’re under pressure to take urgent action – stop and think

Phishing scams are one of the biggest security threats to your business right now. A massive 83% of organizations said […]

How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget

Video calls have quickly become a critical communication tool. Yet too many people have a poor video call setup, with […]

Is working from home really good for your business?

Working from home. Or remote working, as it’s now called. It’s the big thing in business, isn’t it? And some […]

What does the global chip shortage mean for your business?

For the past couple of years, the tech world has been struggling with a huge shortage of chips. But it’s […]

If any of your staff work remotely, you need to be on top of this

Remote and hybrid working is now normal for a lot of people. But a recent survey has found that, despite […]

Some employees won’t stop using apps that could be a security risk

It’s likely a lot of the applications and software tools you’re using now are different from the ones your business […]

Microsoft’s taking a responsible leadership position on AI

Microsoft’s decision to retire and rework an AI tool that could not only recognize our facial features but also identify […]

How to stop Teams opening when you startup Windows 11

Most people who rely on it love Teams. There’s no disputing that. But it can be frustrating. Such as the […]

Ever wondered if your apps are spying on you? Now you can find out

It’s no secret that some applications are a little too interested in us and what we’re doing. We’ve all had […]

Your business is losing hundreds of hours to spam every year

Spam emails. Everyone hates them. It’s not just the emotional pain of clearing spam from your inbox. Having to do […]

At last! Google Chrome’s going to block disruptive notifications

When you’re browsing it can feel like you’re being bombarded with things other people want you to see. Not only […]

Is your business making these cyber security mistakes?

It feels like every day we’re being warned about a new threat to our cyber security, doesn’t it? That’s for […]

Now ‘Do Not Disturb’ means exactly that

Imagine hours to get on with your most important tasks, without any interruptions from your team. It’s the dream, isn’t it?  A […]

Most ransomware victims would pay up if attacked again

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing cyber-crimes in the world. Last year, 37% of businesses were victims of an attack. […]

3 easy upgrades to improve your video call setup

Early on in the first lockdowns in 2020, did you ever sit at your computer and think “I really like […]

Is this the end of passwords… forever?

No one likes passwords. Creating them. Remembering them. Typing them in. Your whole mood can change when an application you’re […]

Three new Teams features to look forward to

The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years, and it now boasts 270 million people […]

Never use your browser’s password manager

Microsoft is always introducing new features and services to keep your people safe online, and your data secure. As a […]

Businesses are spending more on IT this year

As a business owner or manager, you know how important good IT is. Your business couldn’t function without it. Your […]

Is your team still working at 10 at night?

If you have people working remotely in your business, you’re probably used to emails flying around at all hours of […]

You need this feature if your browser looks like this

We all have different ways of working. Some of us prefer to have a minimal number of things displayed on […]

Russian cyber-attack threat: How to protect your business

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks. And while many of the attacks […]

Two Thirds of Remote Workers Use a Faulty Device, so They Don’t Get into Trouble
Two-Thirds of Remote Workers Use a Faulty Device, so They Don’t Get into Trouble

A new report has discovered that 67% of remote workers are using faulty tech when they work remotely. And often […]

Woman in black long sleeve shirt holding smartphone
Alert: A clever new type of ransomware attack

It seems like we’re talking about cyber scams a lot at the moment. And now there’s another new trick you […]

Woman in a black blazer while busy on her phone and laptop
Protect your business from these common financial phishing scams

The average office worker sends and receives around 121 emails every day. And while that sounds like a lot, what’s […]

It’s time to check your business’s defenses against the threat of Russian cyber attack 
It’s time to check your business’s defenses against the threat of Russian cyber attack 

While the cyber security of your business should always be a high priority, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means that businesses […]

Poor battery life may soon be a thing of the past
Poor battery life may soon be a thing of the past

Big Tech is always looking for ways to make our working lives better. And over the past couple of years, […]

You’ll soon be able to view LinkedIn profiles in your Teams chats
You’ll soon be able to view LinkedIn profiles in your Teams chats 

Did you know this? Microsoft isn’t just about Windows, 365 and Xbox. It also owns THE business social media platform […]

Microsoft blocks 1,000 malicious emails a second
Microsoft blocks 1,000 malicious emails a second 

Microsoft’s recently revealed that more than 35.7 billion malicious emails were sent to its customers last year.  Fortunately for us, […]

Your business’s Windows updates might be failing because of this one simple thing…
Your business’s Windows updates might be failing because of this one simple thing… 

If you’re the kind of person who installs security updates on all of your devices as soon as they become […]

Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can make it happen
Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can make it happen 

Remote working has really come of age in the last two years.  Many people have loved it, while others realized […]

Microsoft’s increasing the cost of 365 in March. Here’s how to freeze your price 
Microsoft’s increasing the cost of 365 in March. Here’s how to freeze your price 

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s increasing its subscription prices for Microsoft 365 in March.  It’s the first big price […]

Don’t worry about the potential downsides of a password manager. The upsides are far greater 

Last week there were stories that a password manager called LastPass had seen some of its customers’ master passwords compromised.  […]

The most severe security threat ever is affecting the whole internet. Here’s what you need to know

There’s a major security alert that’s affecting the whole of the internet right now. Security researchers have called it one […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 scary signs your business has been hacked

Hackers are a growing threat for businesses. And they’re getting smarter by the day. Hacks used to be obvious, but […]

Tech Tips: Work Remotely with One-Drive

Working remotely with One Drive If some of your team are in the office, and some still working from home […]

Tech Tip Tuesday 9/29/2020

Work from home: The new normal I think we’re all starting to realize now that working from home is here […]

Tech Tip Tuesday 9/22/2020

Why you still need antivirus It might seem in our modern age, that you no longer need antivirus to protect […]

Tech Tip 9/15/2020

When was the last time you checked your backups? These days everyone knows the importance of backing up data. It’s […]

Tech Tip 9/5/2020

Just because your team are working remotely, doesn’t mean that must be a stress for you. In fact, the collaborative […]

Tech Tip 8/31/2020

With business technology, there’s always another upgrade. We upgrade our cell phones and tablets every few years. And our laptops […]

Take our 60-minute security challenge

We’re the local data security experts. And one of the things our team prides itself on, is quickly finding ways […]

Keep Your Business Continuity Plans Current

Is there one thing we can count on now with COVID-19? The situation can change in an instant. You may […]

3 Cyberattackers Putting Business at Risk

​Cyberattacks and data breaches happen worldwide, and no one is immune. Your business needs to protect its networks and systems, […]

3 Ways Technology Will Help Pull Us Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses and people are struggling as the COVID-19 Pandemic closes restaurants and bars, cancels events, and forces people to […]

5 Tips for Successfully Working from Home

COVID-19 has forced event cancellations, school closures, and a consideration for remote work where possible. As more companies are sending […]

7 Necessities before Sending Your Workforce Remote

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are considering work from home options to facilitate social-distancing and keep their workforce […]

What Could Happen Without a Plan

Backup Disaster Recovery is one of those things that all businesses need to have in case of disaster. Whether it’s […]

What Does Windows End of Life Mean to my Business?

You’ve all heard the panic. Windows is cutting off support for its widely popular version 7 software. January 14, 2020 […]

Who’s Stealing All the Bandwidth?

Not so long ago, it would have been ridiculous to ask an employer to give you free TV, free movies, […]

Social Engineering = Fancy Job Title for Hackers

Most people are aware of terms like phishing and malware, but do you know those are a part of a […]

Breaking Down Social Engineering

Most people are aware of terms like phishing and malware, but did you know those are a part of a […]

Compliance Alphabet Soup

No matter what industry you’re in, compliance acronyms are abundant, filling your days with both confusion and regulation. We call […]